Our Charities

1. Florida State University’s – College Recovery Program, called LIFT

2. Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE)

ARHE is the only association exclusively representing collegiate recovery programs (CRPs) and communities (CRCs), the faculty and staff who support them, and the students who represent them.

The college environment—where drinking and drug use might be perceived as defining the social setting—can pose significant challenges for students in recovery from addiction. 

CRPs & CRCs help students pursue their education and sustain their recovery simultaneously—a benefit to students, universities, parents, and society.

The focus of AHRE is to serve as national support for propagating the vision of collegiate recovery programs. ARHE offers time-tested, research and experience-based modeling for fostering those in recovery who seek to excel in higher education. ARHE is the central authority on the modeling and tailoring of CRP’s to best integrate them into the institution, and ultimately to best serve students in recovery.

The Challenge:

We have over 20 million students in college today and the national substance abuse disorder (SUD) rate per ARHE is over 20% which means there are 4 million students who suffer from substance abuse. However, there are over 5,000 two- & four-year secondary schools in the US and only 157 have CRPs in place and many are not funded actively or enjoy active participation.

Our solution:

Let’s commit to expand the number of CRPs at all universities in the nation! Funding CRPs/ CRCs should be the biggest goal of all college administrators, alumni, boosters, and parents due to fourfold increase in mental illness due to the pandemic, rising substance use disorder and the deadly consequences of drugs laced with fentanyl.

Collegiate Recovery 101
Hazelden Betty Ford CRP Trends Report

Turning Point of Tampa

Letting go of self-defeating behaviors and creating new life skills can be difficult. It takes time and effort. Our mission at Turning Point of Tampa is to assist you in finding your new life, every step of the way.

First on-campus screening of “The Bowden Dynasty-A Story of Faith, Family and Football”

Four FSU Sigma Chi brothers unite to produce a film to honor the life of Coach Bobby Bowden and provide half the funds generated from FSU alumni and boosters back to FSU to fund the College Recovery Community, called LIFT as overdose deaths are now the leading cause of deaths of 18–45-year-olds in the US. Read More

FSU fans react after ‘The Bowden Dynasty’ viewing on campus – Read More

Sigma Chi Fraternity

Our core values are Friendship, Justice, and Learning and our vision is to be the preeminent leadership and character development brotherhood benefitting our members throughout life. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.